Let me introduce myself.
My name is Daniel Schmidt – good old friends know me as Jens Daniel (yes, I have two names) but I definitely prefer Daniel – usually I do not react to the other name. Nowadays friends call me JD.
I was born in 1980 in a beautiful town called Norden. It is in the north-eastern nook of Germany next to the coast of the North Sea.

After elementary school I attended the Ulrichsgymnasium where I got my ‘Abitur’ (university-entrance diploma). In Norddeich, a small tourist crowded place just behind the dike, I did a year of alternative civilian service.

In 2000 I moved across Germany from the very north to Franconia (Bavaria) in the south to start my studies of Telecommunication- and Informationtechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Nürnberg. When I dropped out of it in 2003 I started to work for SUSE Linux (later Novell, resp. Attachmate). After an apprenticeship I now work as a software engineer. First in the famous YaST team, now I am hacking the SUSE Cloud.

And by the way: I am jdsn – by now it should not be hard to figure out what these letters stand for.