The never ending story continues …

When YouTube lately changed their api again I found out about Youtubian. Goto the website, drag’n’drop the Youtubian link to your bookmarks. Then when watching a YouTube video that you want to cache locally just click the Youtubian bookmark and enjoy the new view to YouTube. Youtubian offers a very comfortable way to download the video in various formats, sizes and levels of quality.

Lets see when we have to change again …

The never ending story – How to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube again changed the way you can easily download your favourite videos to watch them offline. I already posted twice how to do it – you just need to create a Bookmark in your browser and click on it when watching the video that you want to download. Quite simple. But the target of this bookmark changed again. Here is current version:

Download YouTube Video

Just right-click on this link and select “Save as Bookmark”.

openSUSE 11.2

openSUSE 11.2 is now available

OpenSUSE_11.2_468x60Are you new to linux and want to learn about it or have never used it before? Then now its your turn to download openSUSE 11.2 and give it a try. Besides the installation DVD images you can also download LiveCD images to run linux on your computer without installation – the harddisk will not be touched. Find more information in the openSUSE wiki about whats new in this release.