My Anythingbutipod: Cowon iAudio 7

For about two years I was suffering from an old MP3 player. It was too big and too small. Too big in dimensions and too small in capacity. At least thats why I almost never used it. But sometimes mobile music is a nice thing to have so I looked for an adequate music player.

Sure, iPods look very nice and even the laser engraving is a neat thing. But iPods lack one very important feature: they can’t play Ogg Vorbis. Sorry Apple, I asked you for Ogg Vorbis support in iPods over two years ago when I got my first MacMini (PowerPC). Yes, I had one as my Workstation for 2.5 years, as we ship openSUSE for PPC again since 2005.

Cowon iAudio 7
Cowon iAudio 7

Finally after reading lots of reviews I found the Cowon iAudio 7 and liked it. Its lightweight (35g), big (16GB), plays Ogg Vorbis, flac, wav and MP3 and even has an integrated FM radio. Additionally it can play videos, which I can’t think of ever needing it on a 1.3 inch display (videos need to be recoded on the PC anyway) and it has a built in microphone and a line input, so it can record from these and from the radio. But I wont use these features either as I have a more suitable device for mobile recording (maybe I’ll blog about it as well).

The navigation on the iAudio 7 is done with the “Swing Touch” and an additional menu button on the top. This was odd just for the first minute but then I loved it. Once I got used to it I could jump to any function intuitively. Together with in-ear head phones from AKG I now use the iAudio 7 on my trips with the public transport on my ways trough the city.

Btw. the music the player is playing while taking the photo can be found at

openSUSE Board Election

Finally I voted for the openSUSE Board. I think this is a quite important committee in the openSUSE project. Their job is not about taking control over the openSUSE development, but rahter to interlock of the community and the interests of Novell. They are communication partners for both sides and help in decision making processes. Thanks to the current board for their good job, and all the best to the next board.

My third first posting

Today I found a new hobby of mine: Install a weblog, write one post and forget about it for a long time.

Well, so here it is, my third first posting. It’s in English as announced over two years ago (kind of embarrassing). But now I am changing my just-discovered hobby and make this blog the default site of my domain

With this I finally say goodbye to my old site. It was an old site still using a frameset and java script magic to animate menu buttons. This year it had its ninth birthday – if I remember correctly – quite a long time for a web site. But even the content was old and I did not change anything on that site for years – so rest in pieces – welcome

By dropping the old site and switching to a new system I will from now on keep my site more current and regularly blog about interesting and other topics.

Yet I did not decide what to blog about exaclty – I think I just need to get used to dump my thoughts to the public. Most likely it will be related to software development, linux, openSUSE, music, singing, the city of Nürnberg and lots of other stuff I now can’t think of ever blogging about. Just as a side note: I also blog about things I do for openSUSE on – its a technical only blog.