Download YouTube Videos

Its been a while that I wrote my last post … seems to have been a busy time.

End of November 2008 I needed to download in entire Picasa Webalbum, so I looked for a nice solution for this. Today a colleague posted me a trick in IRC to easily download YouTube Videos. And right about this evening I needed this trick – need to have 2 short clips offline available.

Now I just want to share this feature. Its quite easy and should work with every browser that supports bookmaks.

The only thing you need to do is to bookmark this link:


Just add this link to your bookmark list (right-click > bookmark this link) and give it a nice name. When you are surfing on youtube and want to download the current video, just click this bookmark link and the video will be downloaded in the best quality – yes, it’s that easy.

I got this trick from a colleague but I also found an online source here.