Repair MP3 files

And here comes the next post about a nice tool I found last night: mp3splt (yes, without “i”). It seems like my blog turns into a collection of tips about nice tools.

Anyway, the sound engineer of our choir sent me his USB stick via snail mail. He recorded our last gig with a hardware MP3 encoder which dumped some garbage into the MP3 file and even corrupted the filesystem. He could not copy or play it with his M$ system. So I was interested if it can be repaired.

It turned out to be very easy to fix. The filesystem was just done with a fsck.msdos -a. But for the MP3 file I needed a tool and found mp3splt. I decided to enforce to write new id3 tags and to cut the first 5 seconds and the quite a few minutes at the end of the recording (they were empty anyway). Btw. cutting MP3 files into pieces without to recode the material is the main purpose of this tool. So I just ran:

mp3splt -1 broken.mp3 00.05 118.00

This created a new and valid MP3 file with just our gig – thanks to the mp3splt authors.